It’s been said that when a door closes, a window opens.


Well I quite agree. It's been a number of years, since I've taken on a new adventure. The economy downturn led me to pick a new career.


I found myself facing a change of life. Contemplating my next move,
I decided that I’d go back to school and learn to do something I love.

So returned to academia, studied hard, and got a degree. And then another. Now I'm working on a 3rd degree.

( Talk about getting the 3rd degree! )


I had great fun and enjoyed every step of the way. One of the best parts - being able to surround myself with bright, creative minds.


I love being creative, learning new things and I enjoy going to school.
And I will continue to learn, at any venue. But now - I am anxious and
ready to design / to code / to get those ideas percolating.