Are Fresh-cut Products As Nutritious As Whole Produce?

There has been significant research to study nutritional values of fresh-cut produce. Overall, the steps that preserve freshness also preserve the nutritional value of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. Just like consumers at home, fresh-cut processors must store and handle the product properly prior to processing to ensure freshness and nutritional values are maintained. Based on recent research, processors of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables use the freshest produce available for processing, and they maintain the product at proper temperatures to avoid spoilage or chilling injury.

Processors also know which varieties of fruits and vegetables are best for processing and choose accordingly.

Produce companies providing fresh-cut products have worked with retailers and food service operators to ensure that once the product leaves their facility, it is handled properly to maintain its nutritional value and freshness. Again, consumers can do their part by keeping the product properly refrigerate and discarding it after the “use by” date expires.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans calls for all Americans to eat more nutrient-rich foods. Fruits and vegetables can be great sources of the following important nutrients. Click the links to see a list of fruits & veggies that carry the label of "high" and "good" sources for these nutrients.


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