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Thank you for your interest in Freedom Ride,

a non-profit, 501c3 organization dedicated to enriching the lives
of individuals with disabilities through horseback riding and related activities. Lessons, open to all qualifying individuals, provide each rider a unique experience. Instruction is tailored to fit each of our rider’s specific needs and to help improve their levels of strength, balance, mobility and confidence during the riding experience.


Programs offered and fee schedule:

Therapeutic Riding – Lessons are taught by a NARHA certified therapeutic riding instructor with a team of 1-3 volunteers per rider. Riders participate in tasks and games that encourage physical strengthening and cognitive improvement, while learning basic
riding skills. The emphasis is on developing riding skills in a safe environment that is both therapeutic and fun. Specific goals are
set for each rider at the beginning of a session based upon input
from the rider’s parents, physician, and therapists.

New Rider Application Fee $25
New Rider Evaluation Fee $40
(payable at time of service)

Therapeutic Riding Lessons
* Group lesson - $32 per class
(30-45 minutes, depending on rider level)
* Private 30-minute lesson - $42 per class
(at instructors discretion)


The New Rider Evaluation is scheduled after receipt of application fee and completed forms. The evaluation enables a certified riding instructor to determine the type of horse, level of instruction, tack, equipment necessary, volunteer needs and class type that would be suitable for the participant. From there a suitable place within the operating schedule can be found.


Hippotherapy – A Licensed Physical or Occupational Therapist, certified with the American Hippotherapy Association, conducts
the sessions providing a treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement. Hippotherapy naturally provides an integrated, multi-sensory experience and can also be modified to enhance or decrease certain types of sensory stimulation.

In order to participate in Hippotherapy sessions, an individual must have a prescription from a physician. Therapists providing service
are Independent Contractors and set their own fee for the therapy session. This service may qualify for insurance reimbursement.

Since the use of the horse as a unique tool is optional there is an additional out of pocket fee to pay for costs incurred by Freedom Ride for the use of their horses, facilities, instructors and volunteers. Participants are scheduled thru the Therapist.


New Rider Application Fee $25 (non-refundable)

Facility Fee (payable to Freedom Ride) $35 per visit

PT/OT Evaluation (at initial visit) *additional cost may apply

Therapy session (payable to therapist) $50-130 per visit.

"Within the warmth of my horse's breath, I will find the
air that I need to live today,
I will find the wind to fly
to the height of my dreams,
I will find the one I am
meant to be"