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KOK Constuling & Coaching

KOK Consulting & Coaching offers many professional services

Organizational Systems Improvements:

are often sought by today’s organizational directors. But these directors have many legitimate questions about how to implement necessary changes.


KOK Consulting & Coaching as part of
an international organization, RAC™, facilitates the process to put into action what your organization needs. This process begins with a one-of-a-kind assessment, facilitates the process to put into action what your organization needs. This process begins with a one-of-a-kind assessment, DIALOG™ to determine at every organizational level how to make system improvements. Each process facilitated by KOK Consulting & Coaching is unequivocally unique to your organization.


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Specialized Workshops:

are specifically designed to meet developmental needs of individuals forming a group or to meet distinctive needs of an organization.

  • Topics can include:
    - Entrepreneurial Leadership
    - Corporate Sustainability
    - Leadership Development for New Managers
    - Leadership Enhancement for Experienced Managers
    - Out-Selling the Competition
    - Developing Customer Loyalty
    - Improving Employee Retention
    - How to Survive & Thrive in Today’s Business World
    - Fail Safe Leadership: Straight Talk about Leadership
    - and many more!

Contact us about a specialized workshop to meet your needs.

Individual Developmental Coaching:

can be instrumental for individuals to develop specific professional and business objectives in conjunction with personal goals.

This process begins with one-of-a-kind assessment, called Innermetrix Assessment™ to uncover behavior styles, motivations, potential obstacles to success and opportunities to achieve improved results.
(see Assessments page for more details.)


Review of these assessment results sets the stage for coaching sessions. Individuals clarify what goals they strive to achieve and how success will be defined for them.


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uniquely qualified to facilitate this process with you!

Health & Wellness Coaching:

walking dog

is the growing trend in healthcare. The Wall Street Journal identifies “Health & Wellness Coaching” as “the simple idea that is transforming healthcare – well-being, the quality of life”. Some data reflect that fewer than 5% of adults engage in top behaviors impacting health and that only 20 % of adults are “thriving”.1

KOK Consulting & Coaching enables people to improve their wellness and health via competent coaching based on coaching psychology. Kathy O’Keeffe is a member of WellCoaches®, the premier organization which trains professionals to deliver outstanding health & wellness coaching.


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1 Kobau R, et.al. A Well-Being Assessment: an evaluation of well-being scales for public health and population estimates of well-being among US adults. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being 2010.