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Sustainability is becoming a business strategy of increasing importance. KOK Consulting & Coaching works w/ businesses and organizations like yours to assist them in improving short-term results, as well a long-term advantages. How this is done will vary from organization to organization, but generally this involves aligning procedures and people with the corporate strategy. The formula would look like this:

“People + Process + Environment = Profit”

Many view “sustainability” as a green initiative. This aspect is part of our approach to corporate sustainability, but there is much more . When this sustainability strategy is appropriately implemented for the right reasons, not only is the environment positively impacted, but your organization can become stronger and more profitable. Some of our documented and proven results of a sustainability plan include: improved innovation, increased stakeholder and employee loyalty, and increased efficiency and effectiveness.



When key organizational components, people, processes, & environment, become the sole focus of an organization, goals become diffused and approaches ineffective. Aligning all 3 of these critical components results in long-term benefits for your organization: longevity, profitability, improved efficiency and effectiveness, increased employee and stakeholder loyalty and improved profitability! Contact us to find out how your organization can improve your people, increase profits, in addition to benefitting the environment!


How much of your organization’s waste could be recycled, re-used or reduced? How could incorporating these ideas into your corporate operations improve profits?

Integrating “Sustainability” principles can offer your organization a competitive advantage, as well as positive environmental impact!